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Here’s A Trick The Wealthy Do

by Inez
Insurance is not just for accidents, it can be for wealth planning. But, if you're going to insurance for wealth planning, you're going to have to think as the wealthy do. Napoleon Hill tried to teach the world how to Think and Grow Rich. Most of us think about being rich, we just don't know how to think and grow rich. Since we're speaking of thinking, I have to convey it to you in a story to get you to think. Please bear with me for a few minutes while I relate a story. There was a rich man in [...]

Insurance…A Necessary Inconvenience

by Inez
I will never forget the first time I was responsible for insurance. It's amazing to me now, but because I had some wonderful parents, I didn't realize the need for insurance until I got married. Truth! It's amazing, like I said. It was medical insurance that first came into my innocent life. Having been covered by my parents' policies, when I was in college I didn't even think about insurance for medical, but then I was married in my junior year, and guess what the first requirement was to protect myself and my bride..."What medical insurance do you plan to [...]

Welcome Those Who Can Read The Signs!

by Inez
Insure It is a blog to talk about insurance, not to sell it. I'm not licensed anymore to sell anything related to insurance, but I do have plenty of opinion about insurance and the sell thereof. Whether you've ever sold or you are still selling, you've got opinions about insurance as well. In these posts we will vent our anger, encourage our sensibilities, question the status quo and conclude things we can't possibly enforce. But we will have our say for all the world to hear, and know, and perhaps to disagree. Insurance is intriguing to me. At times it [...]