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Welcome Those Who Can Read The Signs!

Welcome Those Who Can Read The Signs!

by Inez

Insure It is a blog to talk about insurance, not to sell it. I’m not licensed anymore to sell anything related to insurance, but I do have plenty of opinion about insurance and the sell thereof. Whether you’ve ever sold or you are still selling, you’ve got opinions about insurance as well.

In these posts we will vent our anger, encourage our sensibilities, question the status quo and conclude things we can’t possibly enforce. But we will have our say for all the world to hear, and know, and perhaps to disagree.

Insurance is intriguing to me. At times it feels like extortion, using our fears to make us consider and do that which we must continue to do in order to hold our fears at bay. That’s extortion in my book.

Yet, the fears are not manufactured in a vacuum of safety. We live in an unpredictable world of interactions and encounters, some on purpose and some by accident. Ahhh, there’s that extortion again.

We decide based on our own knowledge and experience if what we are reminded to consider when pondering insurance is a plausible outcome for our future. No knows for certain, and many would have us fear. Not fear so much that we are paralyzed, but fear enough to respect the potential loss if we don’t carry insurance.

Insurance is intended to assure us that what we fear the most, what we most treat as unwanted, what we will spend our whole life attempting to avoid, may just happen anyway.

For instance, it’s never a matter of “if” we die, it’s a matter of when we die.

When you really get down to it, there’s nothing we have that we don’t leave behind for others. Our land may be sold to another, our home occupied by another, our car left to someone else, all our possessions are rented so to speak, even on loan, for we never truly possess, we only hold for a short time in this life.

Here’s the irony, since we never truly possess, then why do we insure?

If we can not assure we will not suffer loss, then why do we insure those things that can not be lost because we all eventually do not possess them anyway?

I’m not a marxist, a communist, nor a idealistic universalist; I’m a realist.

Why insure to assure that which will come will be delayed?

Because if we are astute enough to realize the need, then we find it irresponsible if we do not address the unavoidable in some way, even if it is unavoidably universally inevitably certain to happen to us and to everyone we know.

Yes, this is the blog that complains about the obvious, harangues the unavoidable, and sarcastically embraces the inevitable. You can’t avoid death, taxes, or insurance, but if the first of these comes, the other two become a burden on our families. We all secretly want to insure ourselves adequately so that in a zero sum game, our family ends up in the minus column and we end up in the has gone away column.

I promise to treat fairly your questions and to accept gently your contributions of thought and merriment.

I’m reminded of the little girl who accompanied her mother to the death bed vigil of an older grandparent. The poor woman became sour in spirit and mind in her late sixties and lasted in a miserable state until now at the age of ninety she lay dying.

In those final hours she called for a pencil, because she could not speak due to the tracheotomy tube in her throat. She defiantly scrawled on the headboard of her sick bed, “God Is No Where.” She had lost all perspective in the delirium of her bitter spirit and brutish pain.

As the old woman passed into the eternal sleep, the little girl watched her mother begin to clean the place where she lay. The little girl began to sound out the scribble she could read from the defiant pencil of the deceased. She was a new reader and she said aloud, “God is Now Here.”

Please lend to me the same respect I afford you and we will all together grown from our time together. It’s all a matter of how you read the signs.

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